Two WAYJO members have returned from an incredible week of working with jazz luminaries and other exemplary students at the Brubeck Institute in Stockton, California.

The standard of the all the students and staff was jaw dropping, with Julia Wallace (pictured right) and Cameron Fermoyle (pictured left) doing a superlative job representing WAYJO in a spectacularly creative musical environment.

“Congratulations to the WAYJO team for continuing to provide these kind of opportunities to further develop Australia’s place in the international jazz community. Massive thanks to Patrick Langham and Randi Sandoli for administrating and directing all involved at the Brubeck Summer Colony 2019.” – Marty Pervan, WAYJO TNO Musical Director.

Some words from the participants;
“We had an incredible time at the Brubeck Colony. It was a whirlwind experience where we were in a busy environment surrounded by amazing American music students and a world class faculty, including Carl Allen, Steve Davis and Essiet Essiet. Ingrid Jensen worked with Cam’s ensemble all week and he learnt so much from her unique and freeing teaching style. Steve Davis and Greg Tardy were my ensemble teachers and I feel so lucky to have had such professional and experienced musicians be so kind and encouraging the whole week.”

“One of the things that the faculty would always mention is the importance of deep listening and researching. I think as young musicians now on steaming platforms and such, the process of checking out records has deteriorated, creating a lesser grasp of the history and mastery of the music.”

“The Brubeck Colony has enlightened us on this idea through multiple rehearsals, masterclasses and clinics, with some of the world’s best, which I believe has begun maturing our sense of musicianship and has created a profound new hunger for learning and striving to achieve greatness everyday.”

“Advice to people planning to audition and participate in the Brubeck Colony would be to learn as many tunes as humanly possible between now and then. It’ll mean you’ll be able to play in all the Jam sessions and get the most out of the rehearsals, so the faculty can spend the time on imparting their wisdom on deeper level.”

Thank you very much WAYJO for this incredible opportunity – Julia & Cam!