2019 Young Women in Jazz Registrations Open November 1st


WAYJO is calling for young women aged 14 to 25, interested in playing or studying jazz or improvised music, to take part in workshops to collaborate and learn with fellow female musicians.

Young Women in Jazz is an 8-week series of Saturday workshops, commencing 17 Apr 2019. Conducted in small groups with leading guest artists, educators and WAYJO Alumnae, these workshops build support networks, refine skills and increase performer confidence.

A final public performance, held at the Ellington Jazz Club on Sunday 23 June, will showcase the participants newly acquired skills in a professional jazz venue setting.

Run in Perth since 2014, and developed in 2002 by Sydney Improvised Music Association (SIMA) and Dr. Sandy Evans OAM, the Young Women’s Jazz Workshops are specifically designed to inspire young women to play jazz and pursue a future in music.

WAYJO acknowledges program partners SIMA (Sydney Improvised Music Association) as well as St John of God Health Care for their continued support of the program here in Western Australia.

Registrations for the 2019 Young Women in Jazz Program open Thu 1 Nov, 2018 and close Fri 5 Apr, 2019. For more information about the Young Women in Jazz program, or to register, please visit wayjo.com/young-women-in-jazz 


Gemma Farrell
Young Women in Jazz Program Leader & Assistant Music Director (Jul 2018 – Jun 2019)

Justine Thornley
WAYJO Marketing
+61 8 9471 1950


2018 Participant Testimonials:

“The WAYJO YWIJ program has given me the motivation to improve on my technical and improvisational skills in a welcoming and friendly environment, and to further my interest in this boundless and exciting genre of music.” – Mei Lyn, age 20.

“YWIJ has over the years helped to boost my confidence and has developed my ability to rely less on the written music, allowing me to challenge myself.” – Lorian, age 14.

“YWIJ is a great program that allowed me to challenge myself whilst playing with a bunch of great people.” – Catherine, age 16.

“The first time I walked into this course I was scared, but this is my 5th year and I knew I was walking into a friendly and positive environment, ready to learn. This course has given me so much confidence, playing and personality wise. 10/10 would recommend. Keen for year 6 and new links.” – Abbie, age 15.

“The course was approachable and fun for people of all experience levels. It helped me to develop more confidence in improvising.” – Dee, age 21.

“YWIJ has broadened my musical knowledge and improved my improvisational skill. 5 stars on tripadvisor.” – Sam, age 14.

“During 3 years of the YWIJ workshop I have developed not only my improvisational skills, but I have learnt to challenge myself and work better in an ensemble. YWIJ is such a welcoming and open environment to experiment with new techniques and I have enjoyed every minute.” – Stella, age 14.