In 2017, WAYJO announced an annual Hall of Fame in order to acknowledge special contributions made to our organisation over the years.

WAYJO has had thousands of people involved in the organisation over the years as musicians, music directors, staff, patrons, supporters and board members.

This is our way of saying a very special thank you to some individuals that have given to WAYJO above and beyond what was asked or required.

We truly thank and honour these special individuals in the WAYJO Hall of Fame.

2017 - Roger Garrood

Roger Garrood

Roger is a Perth jazz saxophone legend, teaching everyone who has gone on to be a professional saxophonist in this city. He led the WAYJO Swing Band for 12 years and imparted his wisdom, passion and enthusiasm for the music to everyone who played in his band. Roger passed the baton onto Ricki Malet when he had some health issues and couldn’t give the band what they needed. We miss Roger’s cheeky grin and love of the music and the musicians.

2018 - Dr Mace Francis

Dr Mace Francis

Mace joined WAYJO in 2001 as a guitarist and promising composer. His experience in WAYJO changed his life being able to work with Frank Foster and Ed Partyka and he has been involved ever since. Mace graduated from a musician to an Assistant MD and then to the artistic director position in 2008. Mace has given a large part of his life to WAYJO and wouldn’t have it any other way.

2019 - Michael Beech

Michael Beech

Michael has been a strong supporter of WAYJO from off the bandstand for many years, but his contribution has meant that we have been able to keep many of our projects and concerts ongoing. Michael has a passion for the music we love, for the emerging talent in our musicians and for what WAYJO does in the community. We need more people like Michael in our lives. Michael’s continuing support for WAYJO’s exchange with the Brubeck Institute in the USA also touches the lives of our talent musicians who are selected to take part in this incredible opportunity.