Act Belong Commit Pathways Program

The WAYJO Act Belong Commit Pathways Program is an important component of WAYJO’s annual program.

WAYJO tailors events to the needs of audiences, from young children to high school students and their teachers, with performances and workshops designed to suit most educational requirements.

WAYJO invites schools to engage with our musicians and leverage their talent and experience to create quality experiences that enrich classroom or private teaching.

For schools who can’t participate, WAYJO can arrange community and private events that students can attend with family or friends to gain a better understanding of jazz performance.

If you or a family member are studying music, check out what WAYJO has to offer!

For more information on our Education program, call WAYJO on (08) 9471 1950 or email

School Concerts & Workshops

WAYJO’s Act Belong Commit Schools Concerts & Workshops are purpose built for students to experience big band jazz in a relaxed environment, designed to bring concepts from the classroom to life.

Please visit our School Concert Workshops page for full details.

Act Belong Commit Regional Tour

WAYJO’s Act Belong Commit Regional Tours are undoubtedly the highlight of the year for our many of our members. Not only does it give bands the opportunity to hone their performance skills, but the tours allow the time for members to get to know one another and form friendships that can last a lifetime.

Please visit our Regional Tour page for full details.


Are you a female identifying instrumentalist aged 14-25 and would like to learn about jazz and improvised music? Presented in association with the Sydney Improvised Music Association, WAYJO run a series of workshops and performances encouraging the exploration and development of skills in jazz and improvisation. No audition is required to take part.

Please visit our Young Women in Jazz page for full details.


WAYJO Northern Corridor (NC) visits the Northern suburbs to develop young musicians who have an interest in playing Jazz and Contemporary Music styles on their instrument. School students Years 7 to 12 are welcome. No audition is required to take part.

Please visit our WAYJO NC page for full details. 

WAYJO’s Pathways Education Program is, supported by Healthway promoting the Act Belong Commit message.