Or Vision is “Music for Life!”. Our Purpose is to create an environment that nurtures and inspires musicians through big band jazz!


WAYJO NC plays The Ellington

The WA Youth Jazz Orchestra Northern Corridor Band assists in the development of young musicians who have an interest in playing big band jazz. This…

WAYJO’s Best of 2023

The final performance of WAYJO’s 40th year, WAYJO’s Best of 2023, is an opportunity to showcase all three orchestras and their favourite repertoire…

The West Australian Youth Jazz Orchestra (WAYJO) is one of Western Australia’s oldest performing arts companies, building the future of Australian jazz and offering outstanding opportunities for emerging jazz performers and composers.

WAYJO has been at the forefront of forging professional, contemporary big band, ensemble and solo jazz artists since 1983, with an impressive alumni including international jazz luminaries Linda May Han Oh, Dane Alderson, Troy Roberts and Mat Jodrell.