WAYJO 240 Club

Enjoy Exclusive Events, Offers & Access with the WAYJO 240 Club

Looking for something different?
Perhaps the perfect gift for a jazz lover?

WAYJO thanks our generous supporters for keeping Australia’s leading jazz youth orchestra alive and providing unparalleled opportunities for emerging musicians and composers.

WAYJO 240 Club is seeking 240 members who will donate $20 per month to support our program and activities, from our ticketed shows to our community concerts, our education programs, and our commissioning and presenting of national and international artists.

You can choose to make a monthly contribution of $20 or donate $240 up front. Members of our 240 Club will receive special invitations to rehearsals, unique recordings of WAYJO music, the opportunity to meet our guest artists and band members at WAYJO events, and more.

Use the form below, or visit givenow.com.au/240club

One-off donations are also most welcome, every little bit helps to support WAYJO!

West Australian Youth Jazz Orchestra Association

ABN 75 330 922 427

Please visit abr.business.gov.au to view our ACNC, DGR and other business status information.

WAYJO relies on the generosity of our donors to keep our program vibrant, exciting and challenging for our musicians.