Introducing WAYJO Club

The West Australian Youth Jazz Orchestra (WAYJO) will not be holding band auditions for 2021. COVID-19 caused the loss of rehearsal and performance opportunities through most of 2020, so WAYJO has offered 2020 band members continuation into 2021.

Instead, welcome to WAYJO Club, an exciting new opportunity for aspiring instrumentalists and vocalists, aged 12-18 years and located in Perth during 2021, to learn about and participate in jazz music making with WAYJO in a social and inclusive setting.

There will be NO AUDITION required to take part, WAYJO Club is open to all young musicians with a basic understanding of music.

WAYJO Club is a program that will give you access to networks, resources, content, open rehearsals and jazz day-camps. These will be delivered March-November as a combination of both online and in-person sessions (pandemic advisories permitting).

The year is divided into 2 semesters – so you can choose to participate for a single semester, or book the full year in advance to enjoy a discount;


  • March 2: Online Resources Sent
  • April 6: Online Resources Sent
  • April 11: Jazz Camp
  • April 14: Invitation to an open rehearsal with the Wednesday Night Orchestra
  • May 4: Online Resources Sent
  • May 11: Invitation to an open rehearsal with the Tuesday Night Orchestra
  • June 1: Online Resources Sent
  • June 20: Jazz Camp


  • August 3: Online Resources Sent
  • September 7: Online Resources Sent
  • September 12: Jazz Camp
  • September 20: Invitation to an open rehearsal with the Monday Night Orchestra
  • October 5: Online Resources Sent
  • October 17: Jazz Camp and Audition Preparation
  • November 2: Online Resources Sent
  • November 17: Invitation to an open rehearsal with the Wednesday Night Orchestra


  • Single Semester: $150 (plus $9.34 booking fee)
  • Full Year: $250 (plus $15.93 booking fee)

WAYJO Club registrations open 9.00am Wednesday 18 November 2020, and close 5.00pm Monday 15 February 2021 – if not filled prior. Participants are limited to 50 per semester.

Join WAYJO Club

WAYJO 240 Club

WAYJO 240 Club: Offering Exclusive Behind the Scenes and More!

Looking for something different? Perhaps the perfect gift for a jazz lover?

WAYJO 240 Club is seeking 240 members who will donate $20 per month to support our program and activities, from our ticketed shows to our community concerts, our education programs, and our commissioning and presenting of national and international artists.

So far this year WAYJO 240 Club members have already enjoyed exclusive open rehearsal access with Ed Partyka, a WAYJO/SHOWA Japan collaboration CD, plus digital live recordings - with more to come!

Best of all, you know that all tax-deductible donations keep our program vibrant, exciting and challenging for young, aspiring jazz musicians.

You can choose to make a monthly contribution of $20 or donate $240 up front. Members of our 240 Club will receive special invitations to rehearsals, unique recordings of WAYJO music, the opportunity to meet our guest artists and band members at WAYJO events, and more.

One-off donations are most welcome to, every little bit helps to support WAYJO!

WAYJO thanks our generous supporters for keeping Australia’s leading jazz youth orchestra alive and providing unparalleled opportunities for emerging musicians and composers.


[Image: Rehearsal with Premiss Collective at WAYJO HQ, February 2017]